About us

BMT Masala was found in the year 2006 by Mr. Lokesh D S. As a leading the taste of Indian tradition masala and spice products. we have made a strong foothold in the market as a supplier and processor of Indian authentic spices. Our entire range of product meet the stringent requirements of safety and efficiacy and are renowned for their beneficial qualities. We have more than 50 products, the ranges includes veg masala products and and non-veg masala products also, some ot the products inculdes Turmeric Powder, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Black Peppers, Curry Powder, Red Chillies. Abiding by certain quality control norms and measures, we carefully monitor our spices at various stages of processing to ensure our products are free from chemical preservatives

Success Stories

Success of BMT MASALA lies in the innovation of manufacturing procedures, as there were no definite machineries for specific production of spice and spice mixes. With the growing experience, suitable changes were made in order to match the requirements that made all the differences in manufacturing spice powders and spice mixes which retain the flavour. Conforming to International quality guidelines and specifications which are very stringent for Food Processing Industries, the products are manufactured adopting the state-of-the-art and latest technology in the hygienic environment.

Just like its diverse and rich culture, India's food palate is equally diverse and varied. From spicy curries to creamy vegetables, pungent pickles to sweet chutneys; you get it all here. The original preparations use the masalas in a very conventional way but at Taste's we love to innovate and experiment. Every product from 'India's best Country Masala' is derived from age old recipes, passed on from many generations tweaked with some modern adaptations to suit the tastes and preferences of the modern consumer. We proudly present 'India's best country masala', which not only gives you a wide array of condiments, pastes and sauces to help you make the most authentic preparations but also jamuns for the times when you need a quick fix with guaranteed success.